New EP "Signals" this year

After all the waiting, the EP is almost finished. The full name will be: 

"Signals - inciting to look beyond"

it will be a preview to the 2nd album I'm already working on (round about 6 Songs are finished) and…


Upcoming EP

It´s been a while since my last post. 
Actually my life is a bit upside down and time for music is short. Though I´m missing it a lot. The bad news is my second album will get delayed for a…


Concert on 2nd of November!!

Actually I'm preparing the concert on 2nd of November. I'm really looking forward to this concert after the great concert in May. Rehearsals already started! Torsten Bugiel (Drums), Hartmus Frost (Guitar), Micha Meza (Keys) and Myriam (Backing Vocals) will join…


Generel Update - 2nd album progress

The second album is also progressing in its production. It will include 12 songs; 11 of those are already pre-produced, while we have complete drums, guitars and bass recorded for 6 of them, and for 2 vocals are ready as…


Album of the month at Poponaut was so kind and highlighted the album as album of the month, which led to quite a buzz in orders. Very much looking forward to hear more reviews from buyers like: "incredibly good album. a lot of very good…

More reviews out

A wonderful review about the album is out. Read it (in German only) on Polyprisma.

"The free play along the frontiers of different music genres, allows the album to be very diversivied. The strong effects by the acoustic…


Album is out now

I hope you all saw the news, but the album is now available on iTunes, Amazon and of course here. All the feedback, what you think about it is more than welcome.

The first short "videos" are out

With the release of the album approaching, the stir is increasing - not only I am excited about it, I hope so are you.

To reach the wider audience, who don't know about this project yet, there are already…


2nd single out - Open Waters

We are getting closer to the release of the album, which means that the 2nd single is out now: Open Waters!

Listen to it below in the player or get it here

Publicity increasing

With the new album released soon, we also see an increase in publicity on various channels: 

Buchundton says: "HIGHERSENSE kann jetzt schon auf eine beachtliche Biografie zurückschauen" - Highersense can already look back at a tremendous bio."